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1.1.3 - Teachers of the Institution participate in activities related to curriculum development and assessment
1.2.1 - Number of Programmes in which Choice Based Credit System (CBCS)/ elective course system has been implemented    BA/BSc                            BCom
1.2.2 - Number of Add on /Certificate programs      Add-On Report       Add-On Syllabus 2020       Add-On Syllabus 2021    ESSR Infosys
1.2.3 - Number of students enrolled in Certificate/ Add-on programs as against the total number of students during the year 
1.3.2 - Number of courses that include experiential learning
2.5.2 - Mechanism to deal with internal examination related grievances is transparent, time- bound and efficient
3.3.1 - Extension activities are carried out in the neighborhood community, sensitizing students to social issues, for their holistic development, and impact thereof
3.4.1 - The Institution has several collaborations/linkages      NNC      PKC       SM          VJRC          NAC - Number of classrooms and seminar halls with ICT facilities                                                 Data Template
6.2.1 - The institutional Strategic/ perspective plan is effectively deployed 

6.4.2 Funds / Grants received from non-government bodies, individuals, philanthropers

7.1.1 - Measures initiated by the Institution for the promotion of gender equity during the year    Link-A       Link-B
7.1.3 - Describe the facilities in the Institution for the management of the following types of degradable and non-degradable waste Geotagged Photos


21-05-2021  Hist Dept Faculty _ Student Exchange programme 


05-06-2021 Explore the CAREER OPPORTUNITIES in Govt Sector & Unlock the POTENTIALS in You

13-06-2021 Food distribution to the YAAS affected people at Sundorbon Area

14-06-2021 Awareness about Voluntary Blood Donation on World Blood Donor Day 2021

14-06-2021 Blood Donation Camp

14-06-2021 Special Lecture on Psychological Counseling

18-06-2021 Special Invited Lecture Series

21-06-2021 World Music Day & World Yoga Day

27-06-2021 Faculty & Students exchange programme in Bengali

06-07-2021 Special Lecture on Refugees of the Eastern Border

11-07-2021 Career Counselling For English Honours Semester VI

14-07-2021 Post- Colonial Anxieties: Texts and Contexts

08-08-2021 Rabindra prayan dibash

15-08-2021 Independence Day

24-08-2021 AQAR 2019-2020

05-09-2021 Teachers’ day & College Foundation Day

06-09-2021 Faculty & Students exchange programme Odd semester 2021

18-09-2021 Faculty & Students exchange programme Odd Semester 2021 in History

20-09-2021 “Alor Pathajatri” – Cultural Competition

24-09-2021 NSS Foundation Day


04-10-2021 Vaccination Drive for COVID-19

05-10-2021 Four Day Cloth Distribution Programme to the Marginalized People in North Bengal Tea Garden Area

25-11-2021 Webniar on Museum and Archives

28-11-2021 Five days Special Lecture on Macroeconomics

02-12-2021 Faculty & Students exchange programme Odd Semester 2021

06-12-2021 Keynes VS Classics: A Critical Perspective

09-12-2021 Special Talk on Popular Literature

20-12-2021 Faculty & Students exchange programme in Commerce

22-12-2021 Celebration of National Mathematics Day 2021

28-12-2021 National Webinar on “Entrepreneurship-Road Ahead”

04-01-2022 Special Invited Lecture Series

04-01-2022 Student Week

07-01-2022 Special Lecture for Semester I

12-01-2022 National Youth Day

12-01-2022 Special Lecture for Semester V

26-01-2022 Republic Day

27-01-2022 Awareness of Cyber Crime

05-02-2022 Saraswati Puja

21-02-2022 International Mother Language Day

25-02-2022 AISHE 2021

03-03-2022 Faculty & Students exchange programme Even semester 2022

08-03-2022 International Women’s Day Celebration

14-03-2022 AQAR 2020-2021

15-03-2022 NSS Special Camp

16-03-2022 Visit to Theater

17-03-2022 Basanta Utsab

21-04-2022 Study Tour

10-04-2022 Hist Dept Faculty _ Student Exchange programme

06-05-2022 Faculty & Students exchange programme Even Semester 2022

09-05-2022 Rabindra jayanti

10-05-2022 Seminar on Cutting edge career in 21st century

11-05-2022 Educational Tour to Ghatshila

18-05-2022 Placement Drive by K. K. Das College in collaboration with Magic Bus India Foundation

21-05-2022 Educational Tour to North Bengal

29-05-2022 A Journey from Real to Abstract Analysis

30-05-2022 Special lecture on History of history writing: In search of an alternative history

05-06-2022 World Environment Day

21-06-2022 World Music day & Celebration of World Yoga Day

08-08-2022 Rabindra Prayan Dibosh

12-08-2022 Raksha Bandhan

15-08-2022 Independence Day

22-08-2022 World photography Day

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