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As per decision of G.B meeting held on 22.05.2018 the IQAC of the college for two Academic years 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 was formed as follows: 


1. Dr. Ramkrishna Prasad Chakraborty (Chairperson)

2. Dr. Nasima Munshi (Co-0rdinator)

3. Prof. M. N. Mukherjee (Member of G.B. as Higher Education Council Nominee)

4. Prof. Sanjit Dey (Member of G.B. as Calcutta University Nominee)

5. Prof. Subhash Chandra Panja (Member of G.B. as West Bengal Govt. Nominee)

6. Dr. Rajyasri Neogy (Member of G.B.)

7. Dr. Anjana Brahma (Teacher Member)

8. Dr. Soumana Biswas (Teacher Member)

9. Ms. Rinku Saha (Teacher Member)

10. Ms. Soma Mukherjee (Teacher Member)

11. Dr. Bidya Ratan Tikader (Teacher Member)

12. Mr. Sukumaar adhukhan (Teacher Member)

13. Mr. Swapan Mandal (Head Clerk)

14. Mr. Bipod Mondal (Cashier)

15. Mr. Subrata Goswami (SecretGaria Sahamarmi, a local NGO) 

16. Saikat Roy (G.S Students’ Union)

17. Dr. Anutam Pal (Member of the Alumni Association)

18. Provision for Cooption of one member from Industry

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