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Examination results

College Examination:

There will be internal assessments in every subject to assess the continuous progress of the student. The marks obtained in internal assessment shall cumulate to the overall score of the student in a particular course of study.


University Examination:

a)      The 3 year B.A. /B.Sc. / B.Com. (Honours and General) Course of Studies under CBCS shall consist of Six (6) Semesters (Semester-I, Semester-II, Semester-III, Semester-IV, Semester-V and Semester-VI).

b)      End Semester Examinations are to be held ordinarily at the end of the concerned Semester, i.e., Semester-I, Semester-III, Semester-V in December-January and Semester-II, Semester-IV, Semester-VI in June-July.

c)      End Semester Examinations will be held for 80% of the total marks in each paper and Internal Assessment shall be for 20% of the total marks of each paper/subject/module. 50% of the total marks assigned to Internal Assessment will be assessed on the basis of Internal Examination and remaining 50% will be assessed based on the class attendance.

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