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This programme is an advanced and specialized undergraduate degree in English literature. It is designed for students who have a strong interest in literature and wish to engage in more in-depth study and research in the field. Students take advanced courses in various periods of literature, literary theory, and critical analysis. Students may be required to undertake independent research projects, write a thesis, or engage in other scholarly activities under the guidance of faculty members if they continue in the fourth year of the programme. Students engage in writing term papers where they explore a specific literary topic in-depth, demonstrate their analytical and critical thinking skills, and contribute to the academic discourse in the field. Students have to appear in end semester comprehensive examinations that test their knowledge of the field and their ability to critically analyze literary works. The research skills, critical thinking, and in-depth knowledge gained during this program can be valuable for those pursuing advanced degrees.

Programme Outcome

The Honours Program in English will help the students in gaining knowledge majorly about British Literature along with Indian English Literature and World Literatures. This program as a whole helps in developing the critical faculty of the students as they engage in close critical analysis of the texts prescribed in the syllabus. The students are encouraged to form their own critical opinions about various significant issues like representation, identity formation, gender issues etc. The program teaches the students to analyze a text keeping in mind the socio-cultural context, the biographical details of the author and the context in which the text had been written. The program aims to improve the analytical faculty of the students.

Elegibility Criteria

50% marks in aggregate of best four subjects in H. S. (10+2) or equivalent level and 45 % marks in English

Intake Capacity


Total Fees :

Rs. 12470

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