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Literary Society

The Literary Society of K. K. Das College was formed on 20.08.2015 and it aims to develop the students into promising individuals by providing them a platform to hone their inherent skills. It endeavours to mould the students into confident individuals and also to inspire creativity in the students. The society attempts to provide the right exposure to the students.

  • Prof. Animesh Bag (Dept. of English) & Prof. Anunoy Chottopadhyay (Dept. of Bengali) - Joint Convener

  • Dr. Anjana Brahma (Dept. of Bengali), Dr. Soumana Biswas (Dept. of English) & Gen. Sec. (Students' Union) - Members

Sharpening the creative and literary skills of the students.
          Broadening the outlook and perspectives of students.
          Enabling students to look at things and situations with a novel perspective.
          Helping the students to grow up to become responsible citizens.
          Enhancing the communication skill of the students.

Future Plans:
          Poetry/ Book Reading Sessions.
          Story Writing.

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