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K.K Das College was established as ‘K.K Das College of Commerce’ in 1964 as a single faculty commerce evening college. The aim was to spread commerce education for the pre-dominantly refugee inhabited Garia and its hinterland. Honours course was introduced in 1972. Being the oldest department, the department of commerce has lived up to its reputation with a consistent high demand ratio, high utilization ratio and consistently good academic result.The department has always been served by a team of dedicated teachers who has taught with all sincerity by following a blend of traditional lecture methods as well as by using modern I.C.T based techniques. The department also arranges regular seminars and lectures for the benefit of teachers and students. Eminent University professors are often invited to deliver lectures on syllabus related topics so as to enrich the students and help them develop a broader outlook.The satisfaction of the Department lies in the fact that it can boast of well placed alumni spread throughout India. College teachers, bankers, directors of professional institute, owner of chartered accountancy firm, the department has it all! This is how the circle is completed

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