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Extended Profile

1. Executive Summary

Every HEI applying for the A&A process shall prepare an Executive Summary highlighting the main features of the Institution including

  • Introductory Note on the Institution: location, vision mission, type of the institution etc.

  • Criterion-wise  Summary  on the Institution’s functioning in not more than 250 words for each criterion.

  • Brief  note on Strength Weaknesses Opportunities and Challenges (SWOC) in respect of the Institution.

  • Any   additional   information   about   the   Institution   other    than ones already stated.

  • Over all conclusive explication about the institution’s functioning.

The Executive summary shall not be more than 5000 words.

2. Profile of the College

  • Basic Information

Name of the College:

Address : 

City :                                         Pin :                                           State :

Website :

  • For Communication:

Principal :​

IQAC Co-ordinator :

  • Status of the Institution :  Affiliated College

  • Type of Institution :

By Gender : Co-education

By Shift : Day

  • It is a recognized minority institution? No

  • Sources of funding: Grant-in-aid

  •     a. Date of establishment of the college:

b. University to which the college is affiliated /or which governs the college (If it is a constituent college)

c. Details of UGC recognition:

2 (f) - (dd-mm-yyyy)

12 (B) - (dd-mm-yyyy)

(Enclose the Certificate of recognition u/s 2 (f) and 12 (B) of the UGC Act)

  • Details of recognition/approval by statutory/regulatory bodies like AICTE, NCTE, MCI, DCI, PCI, RCI etc (other than UGC)

  • Does the affiliating university Act provide for conferment of autonomy (as recognized by the UGC), on its affiliated colleges?

If yes, has the College applied for availing the autonomous status?

  • Is the college recognized

a) by UGC as a College with Potential for Excellence (CPE)?

If yes, date of recognition: …………………… (dd/mm/yyyy)

b) For its performance by any other governmental agency?

If yes, Name of the agency ……………………

Date of recognition: …………………… (dd/mm/yyyy)

  • Location of the campus and area in sq.mts:

Location (* Urban, Semi-urban, Rural, Tribal, Hilly Area, Any others specify) :*

Campus area in sq. mts. :

Built up area in sq. mts.  :

  • Details of programmes offered by the college (Give data for current academic year)

  • New Programmes introduced during the last five years

  • List the departments: (respond if applicable only and do not list facilities like Library, Physical Education as departments, unless they are also offering academic degree awarding programmes. Similarly, do not list the departments offering common compulsory subjects for all the programmes like English, regional languages etc.)

  • Number of teaching and non-teaching positions in the Institution

  • Qualifications of the teaching staff

  • Number of Visiting Faculty /Guest Faculty engaged with the College

  • Furnish the number of the students admitted to the college during the last four academic years

  • Details on students enrollment in the college during the current academic year:

  • Unit Cost of Education

  • Date of accreditation* (applicable for Cycle 2, Cycle 3, Cycle 4 and re-assessment only)

Cycle  1:  ………………  (dd/mm/yyyy)Accreditation  Outcome/Result….…....

  • Date of establishment of Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

​IQAC …………………… (dd/mm/yyyy)

  • Details regarding submission of Annual Quality Assurance Reports (AQAR) to NAAC

AQAR (i) ……………… (dd/mm/yyyy)

AQAR (ii) ……………… (dd/mm/yyyy)

AQAR (iii) ……………… (dd/mm/yyyy)

AQAR (iv) ……………… (dd/mm/yyyy)

2(a) : Institutional preparedness for NEP

Description in maximum 500 words

2(b) : Institutional Initiatives for Electoral Literacy

Description in maximum 500 words

3. Extended Profile of the College

1. Student :

File Description (Upload)

2. Teachers :

2.1 Number of full time teachers during the last five years (Without repeat count)

File Description (Upload)

  • Institutional data in the prescribed format

  • Upload supporting document

2.2 Number of full time teachers year wise during the last five years

File Description (Upload)

  • Institutional data in the prescribed format

  • Upload supporting document

3. Expenditure :

3.1 Expenditure excluding salary component year wise during the last five years (INR in lakhs)

File Description (Upload)

  • Upload supporting document

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